material study - brezel (or pretzel) authentic German Brezel, painted from life using photoshop (and now it's gone...forever)

material study - plastic bag

painted from life using photoshop

material study - tea

I'd take coffee over tea any day - but there was a nice color temperature change and light scattering through. Painted from life using photoshop (and coffee:-))

life sketches - boat upside down

sketched from life, added some color from memory in photoshop

background sketch

blue skies and photoshop

background sketch

life sketches - norwegian rocks II

sketched from life, pained in photoshop from memory

life sketches - norwegian rocks

sketched from life.. painted from memory using photoshop (and coffee)

sketchy salt - step by step

playing with diffuse surfaces, soft lighting and keeping a simple color scheme.. painted from life using photoshop